Shot Peening and the Boating Industry

Shot peening is a widely used surface treatment technique that is employed to increase the fatigue life of stainless steel components. This process has become increasingly popular in the boating industry, especially when it comes to manufacturing yachts. In this article, we will discuss how shot peening is applied and what types of stainless steel shot are used for this purpose.


What Is Shot Peening?


Shot peening is a cold working process where stainless steel shot (round metal particles also known as granalla de acero inoxidable) are propelled at high velocities onto a component's surface. The impact of these stainless steel shots causes plastic deformation on the part’s surface which creates compressive residual stresses. These residual stresses increase the part’s fatigue life and resistance to corrosion.

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Benefits of Shot Peening in Yacht Manufacturing


Shot peening has become a popular choice for yacht manufacturers due to its ability to improve stainless steel components. With the stainless steel shot impacting the surface at a very high velocity, it helps to reduce stress areas that can cause cracks over time. This process also allows for stronger connections between stainless steel components, allowing yachts to have an increased durability when exposed to environmental elements like saltwater and waves with consistent force. Additionally, shot peening helps create a smoother surface finish which not only looks better but also increases the boat’s overall performance in water.


Types Of Stainless Steel Shot Used


The stainless steel shot used for shot peening is made from stainless steel alloy which includes iron, chromium, carbon and other elements. The stainless steel shot comes in two types: cast stainless steel shot and cut stainless steel shot. Cast stainless steel shot has a round shape and is composed of small particles with rounded edges which help reduce the impact on surfaces. Cut stainless steel shots have an angular shape and are composed of larger particles which are able to create deeper compressive residual stresses on the surface.




Shot peening is a beneficial process for the boating industry as it helps improve stainless steel components used in yacht manufacturing. With its ability to reduce stress areas, strengthen connections, create smoother surfaces and improve boat performance, shot peening has become an invaluable tool for yacht manufacturers looking to create high quality stainless steel components. Additionally, stainless steel shot used in this process can come in two types — cast stainless steel shot or cut stainless steel shot — both of which help further improve the durability and performance of stainless steel parts used to construct yachts.